5 Simple Tips for Great Content Strategy

on January 20th, 2017
by Josette MIllar

When content became the King of the Internet, many marketers scrambled to switch up their strategies. They were forced to un-stuff pages that were stuffed with keywords, create ongoing blogs that seemed to give away some of their valuable trade secrets, and (gasp) interact with their audiences.

Content Strategy

Over time, the idea of great content shifted to an essential ingredient in the marketing mix. Businesses now understand that their content holds the key when they want to engage their customers and communicate about their companies without brash sales pitches.

Amazing content doesn't just fall out of the cyber sky, however. Behind every shareable blog post and web page is a great content strategy -- Brainstorming, idea-generating, troubleshooting, and devil's-advocating.

Looking to up your content strategy ante? Here are some simple tips:


1. Put Yourself in Your Customers' Shoes

You may think you have amazing ideas, but if your audience doesn't care what you have to say, your words will be wasted.

In order to see your company from your customers' perspective you must first:

  • Know who your audience is
  • Understand what your people want to learn about
  • Learn how they've found you in the first place
  • Hone in on information that will keep them interested and coming back for more


2. Roll Out the Data-Driven Red Carpet

Here's the thing -- if you think you're doing a great job, but you don't have the data to back it up, you're probably missing out on ample opportunities to engage with your online visitors. 

Data and analytics are the driving force in the marketing world these days, and there are plenty of tools, free and paid, that will help you gain insights about your consumers. 

This is your time to study up on key web traffic analytics so you can benchmark baselines and really understand what the data is telling you.


3. Compile Keywords

Keywords are such an integral part of content strategizing that we decided they deserved their own bullet point. If you don't know where to start, simply sit down, and start writing down every word that comes to mind when you think of your business.

What do customers ask you when you talk to them?

What types of compliments accompany testimonials?

Which city, state, and region are you located in?

Now, get to Googling! Start typing words or phrases, and see what the search engines suggest. This very non-scientific method of keyword development can be the beginning of a great future if you're willing to put the work into your search bar.


4. Perform Competitive Analysis

Although there are plenty of scientific endeavors that can take your content strategy to great lengths when you get your campaigns up and running, the easiest way to begin competitive analysis is to simply poke around on your competitors' sites.

Start with the competitors that come to your mind first. If you can't think of any, head to the search engines for this task, too. See what your competitors' sites look like. Keep a pen and paper (or a blank Word document handy), so you can take note of everything you like and dislike.

  • What are they talking about?
  • How are their readers engaging with them?
  • Are their pain points you're experiencing as you try to navigate their sites?


5. Know Your Brand's Persona

Your content needs to be consistent because this is the way your company speaks to your readers.

  • What of narrative do you want to personify?
  • How will your readers relate best to your brand?

Let's see -- What else do you need to know about great content strategy creation? Why don't you head over to our Sheffield Media Group blog, and check out all of our helpful tricks and insightful tidbits?

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