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Best Practices For B2B Website Design

on January 3rd, 2017
by Josette MIllar

B2B customers, understanding B2B website design best practices can help set you on the path to success. These best practices transcend industry or company size. Any business from any sector can implement these three B2B website design best practices to elevate their web presence, attract more visitors, and convert more visitors into customers.

Best Practices for B2B Website Design

What Is a Landing Page?

on December 18th, 2016
by Andrew Millar

Of all of the jargon used in the digital world, Landing Page has to rank up there with the most used and often times least understood. To answer the question “What is a Landing Page?” it is probably first most helpful to frame it as the primary sales tool on the web.

I call it that because its sole purpose is to initiate an exchange of information between the website visitor (the prospect) and the website host (the seller).

What is landing page

What is Your Web Design Strategy? 4 Common Mistakes

on October 4th, 2016
by Andrew Millar

As a business owner, you know not having a website is tantamount to leaving your doors locked on Black Friday. You could do it, but it wouldn’t be wise. Unfortunately, creating a successful website isn’t as simple as buying a domain and throwing up some text. As with any aspect of your business, creating a successful website requires planning.

There are some unknown variables that make it difficult to design the perfect website for your business right off the bat. Fortunately, you can learn by those who have come before you and avoid the most common web design strategy mistakes. 


Custom Website Design: What Are Its Advantages?

on July 26th, 2016
by Josette MIllar
  • increase traffic, 
  • increase sales, and allow you to focus on what you do best:
  •  manage your business. 

When deciding whether to do-it-yourself or go to  a professional, consider these advantages that custom website design provides. 

Home Page Content Writing: Look before You Leap

on July 13th, 2016
by Andrew Millar

If you don't look before you leap, writing content for your home page may end up unrelated to the rest of your website.

Start by viewing your whole web site from thirty thousand feet up so you have a meta-idea of its impact on the searching reader who drops by in his quest to find what he wants.

From that perspective, ask yourself if your site truly answers what he wants in a simple and direct way.

Website Content Writing