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Custom Website Designs Versus Templates: Is There a Difference in the Value?

on January 9th, 2017
by Josette MIllar

Custom Website Designs Versus Templates

You need a website, right?

Of course you do! Everybody needs a website in this day and age.

As a leader in your organization, budgets are always at the forefront of every decision you make. While it may seem like a no-brainer to take the DIY route and go with an existing template that lets you magically create a website, it's important to remember that you get what you pay for.

In other words, your ROI may not reap great rewards if you haven't invested anything into the initial product.

Why not just drag-and-drop?

What is Your Web Design Strategy? 4 Common Mistakes

on October 4th, 2016
by Andrew Millar

As a business owner, you know not having a website is tantamount to leaving your doors locked on Black Friday. You could do it, but it wouldn’t be wise. Unfortunately, creating a successful website isn’t as simple as buying a domain and throwing up some text. As with any aspect of your business, creating a successful website requires planning.

There are some unknown variables that make it difficult to design the perfect website for your business right off the bat. Fortunately, you can learn by those who have come before you and avoid the most common web design strategy mistakes. 


Why Custom Website Design Is a Smart Business Investment?

on May 20th, 2016
by Josette MIllar

The old saying goes that time is money; smart business owners know that time spent away from their business impacts their bottom line. Developing a professional website is a must but spending time away from day-to-day operations to develop it can be costly. Some businesses choose to forgo the expense and time and opt for a template website but savvy business owners realize that investing the time and money into a custom website is worth the effort.

Custom Website Design

Tailored programming: What To Look For When Seeking Custom Programming

on January 21st, 2015
by Josette MIllar

If you've decided that custom programming is something you need, you're taking a step that will help you become more efficient and give your staff greater power. However, you're also taking a step that has to be implemented in the right way, or you may run into serious difficulties and end up no better off. Custom programming can seem daunting when you start but don't be put off - with just a little preparation you'll be able to get exactly what you require, and in turn your business will flourish. Most important is finding a competent programmer to do the work.