Custom Website Design: What Are Its Advantages?

on July 26th, 2016
by Josette MIllar
  • increase traffic, 
  • increase sales, and allow you to focus on what you do best:
  • manage your business. 

When deciding whether to do-it-yourself or go to  a professional, consider these advantages that custom website design provides. 

You're Hiring a Pro

Website design doesn't just mean  having words on a screen. An effective website that generates traffic and sales relies on the basic tenants of psychology and design to attract customer attention to the parts of the message most important to your business. That requires a professional skilled in website design. 

It isn't just about creating a professional or interesting site. It's also about understanding how user's interact with websites and about using  that information to guide  customers. A professional website designer understands not only how to create a professional website but also how to lead customers to the most important parts of the information on a website. 

Represent Your Business

Your business is unique. It offers services and products in a way that no other business delivers them. Relying on a template that dozens of other businesses use doesn't convey that individuality. In fact, use of a common template makes your business look cookie cutter compared to sites specifically designed for an individual  business. A custom website design displays your business as an entity completely unique to the competition. 


The customization options in template web page designs are minimal. Even after paying for a high end template, little more than the color and configuration can be changed without learning programing code. A custom website allows  you to collaborate with a professional designer to create a website that is 100 percent unique and completely adapted to your business needs. 

Easy Updating

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that websites occasionally go down for a number of reasons. But with a custom website design, you have a pro in your corner who you can turn to.  One one call to them and then you get back to running your business!  Hiring a professional website developer that supports your site after launch is just as important as starting with a professional. Also, amenities like  the Content Management System (CMS) allow for you or your appointed Admistrator to make changes and updates to your website. That gives you a lot of freedom and saves on operating costs. And it allows business owners to take control of their site without the fear of crashing it. 

Focus on Business

Website design isn't a skill that can be learned overnight. While  template-based website design programs make it easier for users to create their site, they aren't always intuitive. It takes time and effort to put a professional looking website online and your time is precious. 

Time spent learning and implementing website design means time away from your business and that affects your bottom line. Custom website design by a professional may mean laying out money in the beginning but ultimately it will allow more time to focus on what you do best. 

Custom website design may seem decadent when so many free or low cost options are available but savvy business leaders know that a custom website will translate to more traffic, more customers, and more time left for conducting business. Don't dilute your message by relying on the same template that other business use. Work with a website design professional to create a custom website that is entirely your own. 

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