You’re producing great content. Now what? How to get more traffic to your blog.

on December 5th, 2016
by Josette MIllar

Once your blog has begun to attract a strong readership for you, it’s obvious that you need to create much more of this great content. However even amazing content doesn't always get read.  

get traffic to your website (SEO)

To build a strong and thriving blog, it is essential to understand how to  continuously drive traffic to it. This requires multiple strategies engaged simultaneously. It also involves re-purposing content, and making an earnest study of your analytic assessments  to better adjust your current strategies designed to get more traffic. 

Talk About  Social Influences in  Blog Posts Whenever Possible

Citing prominent news stories is one way to utilize social influences. Mentioning names that are frequently searched goes a long way to increase hits for your posts. Even better — when you provided significant and accurate educational information — many times you can also be cited, if not linked to by those you have mentioned.

This goes a long way to increasing activity and interest, while also pleasing  Google's algorithms. Experiment with this process. You can cite sushi chefs or surfers, it all depends on your niche topic.

Maximize Your Twitter Opportunities:  Add  Links to  Articles For Re-tweets 

Link to your latest article in your Twitter bio. Drive social sharing by proactively asking others to re-tweet it. 

In a recent  study by Social Bakers : thousands of brands on Twitter found users who asked  followers to “RT” their tweet received 73.48 average re-tweets per tweet. Otherwise you see just 2.09 re-tweets for those without any kind of call-to-action. 

Articles  For Blast Email or Newsletters to Your Contacts     

Online newsletters remain one of our most useful and effective marketing tools. Always remember to have live links to your blog articles in any newsletter you publish as well. Sometimes your subscribers need a reminder  that there is even more waiting for them at your blog site. 

Get More Traffic Using Email Signature Links To Your Blog 

How many people do you email on a daily basis? There's always a combination of old and new on this list.  Inform everyone you connect with that you have a blog available. Just the right invitation will help you get clicks through.

Always spend time considering who else to send your blog post to. Make lists of relevant people/organizations/blogs that would be interested in  it and/or perhaps even sharing it with  their   networks.

Get more traffic by sending a message such as, “I recently published an article on the top apps for entrepreneurs” or “I thought your readers might find my blog about apps interesting.”  Always reciprocate by linking to and sharing  a relevant post of theirs. 

Here are other ideas to try  that will get more traffic for you: 

  • Sharing  articles on other social networks such as   Vine,  Storify,  Pinterest,  Digg,  Quora,  Reddit,  Care2  or  StumbleUpon.
  • Sharing  articles on other social bookmarking sites such as:  Newsana  is a  great site,  as is, Delicious,  Newsvine,  Ebaumsworld,, or Technorati, to name a few.
  • Always tweet the post multiple times, using different teaser quotes.  Use questions, titles, and other relevant teasers that  define the article.
  • Utilize Your Leverage with  Google Authorship. Signing  up for Google Authorship allows your author-profile to appear by your posts. It also  connects it with your Google+ profile.

Transform your popularity even further by utilizing LinkedIn groups, by  including plenty of visual content and videos and most of all, get more traffic  by making  your  blog SEO friendly.

All of this comes together when you make sure to link to credible outside sources, and find  ways to truly add value for your reader.  Google and other search-engines simply seek to prioritiz e quality information.

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