Home Page Content Writing: Look before You Leap

on July 13th, 2016
by Andrew Millar

If you don't look before you leap, writing content for your home page may end up unrelated to the rest of your website.

Start by viewing your whole web site from thirty thousand feet up so you have a meta-idea of its impact on the searching reader who drops by in his quest to find what he wants.

From that perspective, ask yourself if your site truly answers what he wants in a simple and direct way.

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It is always a good rule to start with the end in mind. Considering that, think of composing your home page as a final step in the preparation of your website. Before you put together a page describing everything available on the whole site, (a summary page,) develop the individual pages that make up your site. In order to do that effectively, you need to start at the beginning: what is the purpose of this website, who are we serving, what are their needs and wants and how are we satisfying them? Lots of thinking and drilling down to get to the core issues that will drive your enterprise. Here's a link to click on that may help: http://www.flyte.biz/resources/articles/0201.php

By the time you get to the point where you are ready to create your home page, all of the previous thinking makes this part much simpler. This page is the most critical. You only have, on average, 6 seconds to capture your reader's interest. At that point he will either click further into your site or move on.

Think of your site as a series of road signs that allow your traveler to find his way to what he wants. What he wants is found in a series of descriptive pages and your job is to show him the way.

Your home page lets our traveler relax; it tells him where he is. For example: Website Design, Online and Inbound Marketing, Westchester NY & Stamford CT. The page title for the home page is a different story. It's important to include key words here. It needs a short description that says ‘you're in the right place:' For example: “Home Page Content Writing: Look before You Leap.” Finally, you include a short description of your website describing it in general terms and linking keywords to each corresponding page. Keep in mind that its purpose is to guide the reader through links to where he will find what he is looking for.

Footer can be included on this page repeating contact information or a phone number or even a sales slogan. Since it appears on every page, it provides continuity.

Remember the carpenter's adage: “Measure twice; cut once!” Take some time to follow these guidelines and it will save you time and produce satisfaction.

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