Mobile Without Responsive Web Design Is Like Cross-Country Skiing with a Snowboard!

on July 15th, 2017
by Josette MIllar

Mobile websites are becoming the new front to gain new customers and increase sales. Many businesses are scrambling to establish a presence suitable for mobile users but make the mistake of being in the right area with the wrong equipment. Like a snowboarder showing up for a cross-country meet, failing to use responsive design to meet your mobile needs will result in confusion and a poor finish. 

Streamline Your Efforts

To excel in sports or business, you need equipment that reduces your burden. While snowboards are excellent for going downhill, they are exhausting on long straightaways. You need equipment that is optimized to your sport. Just like a pair of cross-country skis are made for a straight course, a responsive website is the optimal tool for successfully running an online business presence.

Responsive websites ease the online burden for businesses. Unlike clunky mobile sites that require maintenance on two urls, responsive websites require only a single site to target every Internet user. The extra time not spent maintaining and updating two sites can be spent on what you do best: expanding your business. 

Maintain the Right Appearance

Imagine a cross country meet. The competitors are set up on the starting block, the starting shot fires, and off they go! All competitors glide effortlessly through the course except one who lags behind penguin walking with a board strapped to one leg. Pretty goofy, right? 

You want your business to have the right look. You don't want to stand out for the wrong reason. Responsive websites adjust to the viewer, no matter what screen they use. While mobile sites cater to small screen users, responsive website design recognizes that second screen technology comes in all forms and screen sizes. Companies that create a responsive website can be assured their message looks right for all users. 

Target Your Fans

Sports stars and businesses may not have much in common but they do share one thing: they need their fans. Fans provide the capital and the support to improve and evolve. As a business, you want to get your business in front of the right people and responsive design can help by increasing search rankings and aggregating business data.

Google has been very clear about their preferences when it comes to mobile websites: they want responsive design. Creating a separate mobile site duplicates business information and takes a lot of effort to combine on the search engine end. By creating a one-stop shop for all online users, businesses get a boost by aiming all traffic to a single site. Businesses beware because what Google says goes, as evidenced by the decline in guest blogging when Google deemed the practice too spammy. 

Send Your Fans a Consistent Message

Branding is a term thrown around by marketers but sports teams know the benefit of successful branding. Whether it's emblazoned on a uniform or on a car hood in NASCAR, providing users with a consistent message and brand can help increase awareness. Responsive sites provide customers with the same message across all screens. Customers are presented with a consistent site that is only slightly modified based on screen size. Rather than searching a whole new interface for the material they need, they can easily navigate based on previous views. 

As with sports, businesses need to have the right equipment, a sophisticated look, and a consistent message to reach their audience. Responsive websites provide all of these features by maintaining a single url website that can target all audiences. For companies ready to win gold, a responsive design is becoming a necessity. 

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