Real Estate Web Design - Buyer Beware! Not all Firms are Created Equal

on June 12th, 2017
by Josette MIllar

As a Realtor, you are proud of the homes you show. It's all about showcasing your best and brightest image so you can connect with people who will mean real business for your bottom line. 

Real Estate Websites - Beware as all Firms are not Equally Creative

After you've met the sellers, set up your "For Sale" signs in the front yard, and put up your MLS posting, how much work do you do to your website? If you're a true professional, you know the work is never done, but if you're just starting out, you may be tempted to use a DIY website template just so you can get your page live.

Here's a cautionary tale: people take home buying and selling seriously. If you are advertising your abilities on a sub par site, your potential clients may be moving on to your competitors before you even know they stopped by. Remember, people equate the quality of your work with the quality of your website in today's world, and everybody knows when they're staring at a template.

If you choose to go the thrifty route and integrate the MLS onto your DIY site, rest assured that potential clients will take this into consideration. To truly out from the crowd, display your expertise and professionalism, by employing a real estate web design professional.

Here's a brief look at just a few of the reasons professional real estate web design is better for your business as a Realtor:

1. Give Vistors Everything They Need to Know at a Glance

Scott Karp's website is a perfect example of providing everything a buyer or seller will need at a single glance. It incorporates:

  • Contact landing pages when people click on a property
  • Easy social share buttons
  • A prominent real estate search bar above the fold
  • Appealing neighborhood listings
  • Exquisitely written content

2. Scrolling Slideshows Enhance Visitors' Experiences

Scrolling homepages do not work for many industries these days. That time has come and gone for the general population of website owners. For Realtors, however, scrolling slideshows, when put together properly, invite viewers right into the homes of properties that are for sale. Houlihan Lawrence is an excellent example of slideshows that look exceptional when real estate web design is outsourced to creative professionals. 

3. Easy Information-Gathering Makes Happy Clients

Nobody wants to spend all day poking around on the internet, hoping they'll find a Realtor who can deliver top performance. Give your audience everything they'll need to learn more about you right from the start.

Ginger Martin & Co's website features prime listings, details of the communities in which they work, a Video of the Month, and easy access to the company's blog. 

4. Simple Tips Elevate Users' Experiences

Tips can be incredibly beneficial to your own business, particularly if you position yourself as someone who is backing solid brands in the community. 

Take a lesson from Silfer Smith & Frampton Real Estate. This website's homepage provides quick links for quarterly and monthly market analysis, company newsletters, and more. The company's "Moving to the Area?" link is especially thoughtful, as it provides a helpful way for people to gain access to local knowledge as they provide the company with their own contact information. 

5. A Little Goes a Long Way

A minimalist approach often works well with real estate web design. As you can see in's page, everything is clean, laid out well, and easy on the eyes. 


At Sheffield Media Group, we are a creative bunch of people who love real estate web design work for each of our unique clients. Check out our portfolio, and reach out to us when you're ready to learn more!

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