What is Your Web Design Strategy? 4 Common Mistakes

on October 4th, 2016
by Andrew Millar

As a business owner, you know not having a website is tantamount to leaving your doors locked on Black Friday. You could do it, but it wouldn’t be wise. Unfortunately, creating a successful website isn’t as simple as buying a domain and throwing up some text. As with any aspect of your business, creating a successful website requires planning.

There are some unknown variables that make it difficult to design the perfect website for your business right off the bat. Fortunately, you can learn by those who have come before you and avoid the most common web design strategy mistakes. 

Web Design Strategy Mistake #1: Failure to Establish Clear Goals to Align with Your Business Goals

It’s great to say you want to make more money. Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, vague goals are difficult to measure. Before you start thinking about aesthetics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), finding a web designer, branding, purchasing a domain or any other aspect of developing your website, establish a clear set of goals.

Begin by asking yourself, what is the main purpose of your website? What do you want it to accomplish? How do you want your customers and prospects to use it?

Additionally, it’s imperative that you look at how your website fits into your business’ overall goals. HubSpot’s Nicole Denton breaks this down nicely in her post, “5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Goals Suck”:

The important thing here is to deconstruct your business goals into digestible segments. For example, if your monthly revenue goal is $100,000, and you want 50% of all sales to come from your digital marketing initiatives and your website, you need to calculate the number of visitors and leads required to achieve that revenue goal. Those visitor and lead goals should be your marketing goals.

Web Design Strategy Mistake #2: Failure to Identify and Define Your Audience

Great websites don’t cater to the masses. They are written and designed for a specific audience. It is not likely your product or service is designed for men and women between the ages of 10-70. Trying to design a website which pleases all of these people will more often than not result in a vanilla design that appeals to none of them.

Instead, you need to identify who your customers and prospects are and take the time to define them. Get as specific as possible. Where do they live? What is their average income? In what are they interested? What’s their level of education? Are they religiously affiliated? Do they have kids? All of these details and more will help you create a site which appeals to them.

Web Design Strategy Mistake #3: Failure to Streamline Your Brand

Your brand isn’t just your logo or your business’ name. Your brand is how your business is perceived. Streamlining your brand means creating a consistent brand presence across all mediums, including print, in-store, over the phone and on the web.

From color schemes and verbiage to typography and images, your brand should elicit the same emotion. It should embody a personality which your customers and prospects can easily identify.

Web Design Strategy Mistake $4: Failure to Install Analytics

Setting goals and failing to track and measure them is like making a cake batter and not putting it in the oven. It’s a sad waste of time and potential. There’s a good chance your strategy isn’t going to be immediately perfect. Even if it is, the Internet is always changing. Your website will need to adapt. Analytics gives you the necessary insights to see what is and what isn’t working so you can make the appropriate adjustments. 

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