Website Design Trends to Pay Attention To

on February 27th, 2017
by Josette MIllar

Over the past few years, web design has largely focused on easy navigation and clutter-free aesthetics. While these are certainly essential, they don't necessarily do much for the creative mind.

Fortunately, 2017 seems to be stepping up to the plate quite nicely, providing website design trends that are mixing up the mundane while providing a fluid flow from one page to the next.

Website Design Trends

Here are a few of our favorite website design trends that are making their mark on this calendar year:

1. Real Images Replace Stock Photos

A few years ago, marketers began to realize they could buy professionally-written content from third-party platforms. Smart marketers were wise to realize this trend could provide them with optimized content for minimal effort.

In 2017, the same movement is happening with images. Professional photographers are removing age-old stock images, bringing with them captivating photos that capture real-time emotions.

2. Layouts that Lay a Framework for Great Content

Amazing content is a must-have in today's web-driven world. That said, if your web design doesn't allow your content to shine through, you're providing a disservice to your audience.

The next generation of web design will thoughtfully produce layouts that let the content shine. Pages will be clutter-free and easy to navigate, all while providing easy-to-read content that shines at center stage.

3. Maximum Minimalism

Flat design had its place in the web world, but it has quickly come and gone. With that in mind, there are certain attributes to the formerly-en vogue flat elements that will keep audiences intrigued in the coming year.

2017's minimalism will emphasize quiet creativity, embarking on new ways to subtly combine awesome content, messaging, and images in thoughtful new ways. 

This combination of quiet-yet-loud is certainly a challenge, but this is one of the website design trends that will be a go-to template for trendsetters in the coming year.

Expect monotone hues, inspired by old-school black-and-whites to infiltrate the web, bringing with them the quiet simplicity of big things in the making -- A perfect canvas for small businesses with big stories to tell.

4. Retro Throwback

Designs reminiscent of early '90s hair bands will resurface by way of the web. Expect to see outrageous color schemes paired with interesting shapes and patterns. 

Is hot pink out of the picture? Absolutely not!

Is zebra print too loud for mainstream websites? Not if you do it right!

2017 is offering a throwback to a few decades gone by, and in its wake, you can expect to see shape and color combinations that may not have existed since the internet came to be what it is today.

 5. Pixel Art & Vintage Fonts

Everything in today's website design trends lends itself to the legends that 30- and 40-somethings grew up with. Pixelated art and fragmented fonts will be all the rage.

Cutting-edge websites will likely remind you of the days when Ms. Pacman was the most highly sought-after celebrity in all the land as 2017 gets rolling. 

Pixelated imagery has become an iconic element in website design lately, and it is expected to build up steam as Millenials and other audiences who may not have grown up with these images begin to latch on to the vintage appeal.

From fonts to logos, pixels will have a way of making their mark in 2017.


Website design trends come and go, but a great web designer will always be a go-to source when you need to create an exceptional experience for your audience. Take a look at our Sheffield Media Group Website Design Portfolio to see the difference experience can bring to the table!

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