Why Custom Website Design Is a Smart Business Investment?

on May 20th, 2016
by Josette MIllar

The old saying goes that time is money; smart business owners know that time spent away from their business impacts their bottom line. Developing a professional website is a must but spending time away from day-to-day operations to develop it can be costly. Some businesses choose to forgo the expense and time and opt for a template website but savvy business owners realize that investing the time and money into a custom website is worth the effort. 

Custom Website Design

Branding Done Right

Business professionals know their brand identity is more than the sum of its parts. It's not enough to send the right message from employees to customers or present a professional, branded business space, you need to carry that message through every facet of the business. From business cards to social media accounts, creating a strong brand identity increases visibility and helps a business grow. Branding with custom website design allows your brand to be translated and integrated seamlessly into your online presence. 

Create Staying Power

The average website browser spends six seconds on a site before moving on. That's not much time to get someone's attention. Creating a website that attracts and keeps customers is a science and an art. Pairing your business expertise with a professional website developer's knowledge of custom website design allows collaboration for a website that not only relays vital information but presents it in a way that grabs attention. While you may understand the mission and needs of your client, a professional website designer can translate that into an attractive and compelling website. You simply can't get that from a pre-made website.

Custom Website Design Benefits You

Creating a stunning custom website doesn't just benefit customers. It benefits you and your business. Website templates may look great but their designers aren't attuned to your needs. They don't understand your business and what information it needs to relay online. Hiring a website designer to create a custom site ensures that a professional who understands the design component can translate your business needs into a website. 

The initial investment for a custom website design can even save money over time. Free and practically free templates often have code that's outdated and clunky. Even though money and time is saved when installing it, once your business grows and its needs become more specialized, moving to a custom website can be time-consuming and expensive when trying to extract all your website content. 

Control Your Site

Pre-made templates are an attractive option to some businesses. By simply paying a small fee and plugging in a theme, their website is ready to go. What those businesses don't consider is the lack of control they have over the design. They may be able to change colors or rearrange the layout but ultimately, that code and that design doesn't belong to their business. It belongs to to its creator. Custom website design ensures that not only does your business get a product unique to you but that your company owns the design in its entirety. In the future, as your business grows along with the needs of your website, you can update the design rather than start from scratch. 

Developing a custom website requires time and money but ultimately it is just good business sense. Businesses that create a custom website design have the upper hand on their competitors by offering a professional, branded message that attracts customers and keeps them coming back for more.

So what's it going to be?  Will you be seduced by the front-end savings of template design, or take the long view and entrust your company's future to professional custom website design?