HTML5 App Development

HTML5 App Development


Mozilla, Apple and Google are aggressively pushing the community forward into HTML5
mobile app development which is rapidly changing the way apps appear and function
in the mobile market. Don't take our word for it though! Mozilla announced that they are making a mobile operating system using nothing more than HTML5.  

Why HTML5 App Development?

Companies that have been early adopters of HTML5 have been experiencing a wide variety of benefits, namely:

  • Lower Development Cost for Your Company

  • Faster Time to Market

  • Target Multiple Platforms and Devices with same app

  • Independence from Appstore restrictions

  • Advanced user interface components for your company

  • Use of CSS3 styles and animations (reduced bandwidth usage)

  • Geo-location support

  • Offline storage capabilities.

We can build a customized HTML5 app according to your needs. We do not make run of the mill HTML5 apps! Each and every app is completely customized and made according to your unique company, organization or cause.

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