Usability & Marketing

Usability refers to the ease of using a website. There are several important points we keep in mind when designing websites:

  • How is your website experienced by first time visitors?
  • Do they easily find what they are looking for or do you they get lost?
  • Do they get frustrated spending too much time looking for information?
  • How fast can visitors perform a task on your website?
  • How easily can visitors remember how to use your website?
  • How easily can visitors navigate your website without making errors?
  • How pleasant is it to use your website?

In addition to good usability of a website, there are marketing strategies that need to be implemented to bring visitors to a website. Similar to traditional marketing, good strategies can attract more people to your website, increase sales, and increase branding of your company, services and products. Each website we design includes at least a minimum of marketing strategy.